Crypto Backed by Real Estate.

Discover the upside of crypto investments with the stability of real estate; introducing the Radwealth Coin.


Volatile Marketplace
High Upside
High Accessibility

Real Estate
Secure Physical Asset
Provides Stable Growth
Restrictive Entry Point
Highly Illiquid

RadWealth Coin:
“best of both worlds”

Stable Growth

About RadWealthCoin

Redefining Stability in Digital Investments

This coin checks ALL the boxes.

It's secure: On the Blockchain with a smart contract.

It’s asset backed: and not just any asset, Real Estate.

It’s minable: For every $100 added to our Real Estate Equity Bank, one new coin is generated.

It’s usable: We have deals in place with malls and advertisers and will constantly add more.

It Generates Income: The Real Estate backing each coin provides 10% usage fees to the coin holders.

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How it works?

Real estate-backed cryptocurrency

Holders can earn passive income with 10% annual usage fee

Generation of new coins increases liquidity

This is a real estate-backed cryptocurrency that benefits from additional capital being added to the Equity Bank. The generation of new coins increases the liquidity of RadWealth. RadWealth holders can also earn passive income through a 10% annual usage fee.

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RadWealth in real money

One of the most attractive features of RadWealth is its high liquidity. Each coin can be easily converted to any other currency, including the US dollar

Thanks to this conversion ability, RadWealth holders can enjoy a highly liquid and easily accessible real estate investment.

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Our assets

The properties that are the foundation of our cryptocurrency

70 Lincoln Ave

Valued at $880,000

70 Lincoln Ave E, West Harrison, NY 10604

We are only releasing $400,000 in coins for this first property.

RadWealth as payment method

RadWealth is already accepted at 360mall as well as many other places, and the list of places where it can be used will continue to grow constantly, making it a highly used currency for purchasing goods and services.

Furthermore, since this crypto-coin is backed by real estate, its real value increases over time, making purchasing goods and services with RadWealth a smart and profitable investment.

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The value of RadWealth over all other Crypto coins


The Assets are Real Estate Properties

Every RadwealthCoin has $100 in Real Estate backing it. As Real Estate prices increase, the value of a Radwealth Coin should increase with it.


There is a Constant Buy-Back Offer

The RadwealthCoin can be sold back to Radwealth Enterprises for $68.50 anytime a coin holder wants to sell for this amount. This is so the price never drops below this level.


The Coin Produces Income!

Each coin purchased will produce 10% of it's origional value in usage fees from the Real Estate backing the coin.

FAQ - Question and answer

What security measures are in place to protect RadWealth?

The Radwealth Coin enjoys the security of being on the blockchain, being backed by more Real Estate than its initial value, receiving a hefty annual income, and having an ongoing order to buy for its initial value anytime you want.

How often are the usage fees paid?

You have the option of monthly or annually. There are fees associated with monthly but zero fees associated with annually.

How often are new coins added to the pool of RadwealthCoins?

Everytime we add Real Estate to our Equity Bank, new coins are generated at the rate of one coin for every $100 worth of Real Estate added.

Where can I use the RadwealthCoin to purchase goods and services?

We currently have deals with the 360WIN Mall and all future advertisers of their free games. We will constantly be adding more places the coin can be used.